City Edge Etapa Shikh Zayed ETA PA City EDGE

About ETA PA City EDGE  ETAPA Shiekh Zayed

We are introducing ( CED)  City Edge Developments as an Egyptian developer of suburban residential communities as well as mixed-use projects.

 The partnership between the New Urban Communities Authority and the Housing and Development Bank,

We bring forward the quality products and best-in-class solutions,

Thanks to our shareholders decades-long experience in housing and development.

We are introducing progressive design concepts and infuse the real estate market with lucrative, luxurious and exceptional solutions.

We can say that ( CED) City Edge Developments is in charge of managing the National developments, and we create the new destinations in our country,

City Edge Etapa-el-sheikh-zayed-كمبوند-سيتي-ايدج-الشيخ-زايد-ايتابا

Types Etapa Compound

Villa ( 381 & 286 )m

Twin villa ( 246 )m

Townhouse ( 296 )m

Mansio villa ( 230 )m

Duplex ( 216 )m

Apartment ( 153 & 240 )m